If you are in an emergency situation and need cash, but don't have a way to get it, there are some things you can try as a last resort. You can utilize some of the things that you already have, or some of your skills, to get the money that you need in a short amount of time. Here are three things you should try so you can get out of your hard spot, and so you can get the cash in hand quickly.

Cash for Jewelry

Do you have jewelry that you don't want any more from an inheritance or old partner? Are there things like your class ring that you don't wear and don't want to keep as a souvenir? These are items that you can take to a cash for jewelry store like Rhonda's Jewelry or send to a company online that pays for jewelry and get money quickly. Be sure you have your item appraised and you know the value before you sell it, and verify that you get your cash when you hand the items over.

Second Hand Clothing Store

Do you have designer clothes that you have outgrown, don't wear, or can live without? If so, find a local second hand clothing store that buys clothes from people. Your close will be inspected and then valued based on condition and the current styles. This can be a fast way to get money, and they often take purses, shoes, wallets, hats, and other apparel or accessories.

Offer a Cleaning Service

If you are good at cleaning, then you can post an ad for your services on an online garage sale site or in the classifieds. Offer a good deal like a one-hour fee for two hours of cleaning, and watch the requests for your service come in. You can then schedule the cleanings in the upcoming day and get the cash in hand fast. There is a high demand for in-home cleaning professionals, and this could become a long term career opportunity.

If you need to get some cash in your hand within the next 24–48 hours and you don't have any time to waste, these are just a few of the things you can try doing. You can determine what items you want to sell or what you want to keep, and how much effort you want to put into making money with a side job to get the cash you need.