If you are thinking about proposing to your special someone then you want to make sure you do it in a way that is going to create a wonderful and long lasting memory for the both of you. The one thing you want to do is to choose a diamond engagement ring that you know they are going to really love. This way, when you do pop the question you know that they will be impressed and you will get to enjoy watching their eyes light up. When it comes to choosing the right ring, you want to consider the following factors so you know you are getting the right one for them:

Should you get them a big ring?

When it comes to choosing a big ring or a nice conservative one you want to take their own taste into consideration. If they tend to wear a lot of big jewelry then you should go with a big setting. If they like smaller ring and other types of jewelry, then they probably won't feel very comfortable toting around a very large ring and you'll want to go a bit smaller. Keep in mind, you can still give them a small setting that houses a large diamond if this is something that you feel is important.

Do they like a lot of gemstones?

If your special someone tends to like diamonds the most, then you would probably do best to go with an engagement ring that shows off one or more fantastic diamonds. However, if you happen to know that they also love another stone, such as a ruby, just as much as they love diamonds, then you can get them a ring they will really appreciate that has both types of stones in it. In fact, doing this will show them just how much you appreciate their taste and wanted to go above and beyond to give them something special.

Do they prefer a particular cut?

Pay attention to the types of rings your loved one wears on a normal basis and use this information to make sure you are buying them a ring that offers them a cut they will like the most. With so many different cuts to choose from like solitaires, marques, heart shaped, oval and many others, it can be crucial that you choose an engagement ring that is the right one in this way. Consult with a jeweler, like The Richter & Phillips Company, for more help.