Handmade crystal or pearl bead cluster earrings are rare treasures to own and wear. Each component of a pair of handmade bead cluster earrings is made specifically for that particular set of earrings. If you like to make handmade jewelry, you can make bead cluster earrings with different colored crystals or pearls. Here is the procedure to make crystal or pearl bead cluster earrings: 

Tools and Equipment Needed:  You will need approximately 6 inches of 2.5mm sterling silver round cable chain to form the base structure of your earrings. You will also need 8mm faceted crystal or pearl beads and 2 large crystal or pearl pendant drop beads for the bottom of your earrings. To connect these components together, you will need headpins with ball ends, 2 bead caps to hold your pendant beads, 22 gauge sterling silver wire, a pair of pierced or clip-on earring findings, and a package of unsoldered sterling silver jump rings. You will use wire cutters, round nose pliers, and 2 pairs of chain nose pliers to make your earrings. 

Cut Your Cable Chain:  Measure and cut two equal lengths of 2.5mm sterling silver round cable chain to make the bead dangles for your earrings. This gauge is large enough to allow 3 lengths of 22 gauge sterling silver wire to be threaded through each link. Make sure that each length of chain has an equal number of round cable links. Count the links in your cable chain to determine how many crystal or pearl bead drops you will need to make your earrings. You will use 3 bead drops for each link in your earring chains. 

Make Your Wire Wrap Crystal or Pearl Bead Drops:  String one 8mm crystal or pearl bead onto a headpin with a round ball end. The ball end will hold your crystal or pearl bead securely on the headpin. With a pair of round nose pliers, grab the headpin horizontally above the crystal or pearl bead. Bend the wire over one side of your round nose pliers to form a 90º angle. Remove your round nose pliers and reinsert them above the bend you just made in the headpin wire. With your free hand, wrap the end of the wire around one jaw of your pliers to form a round loop. Wrap the headpin wire 2 or 3 times around the wire that is coming out of the crystal or pearl bead until it is tight against your strung bead. Use wire cutters to trim the excess wire from your wrapped crystal or pearl bead and squeeze the end of the wire into the wire wrap that you just created. Use your round nose pliers to straighten your loop so that it is centered directly above your crystal or pearl bead. Make 3 of these crystal or pearl wire wrapped beads for each link in your 2 cable chains. 

Hang Your Crystal or Pearl Bead Drops:  Twist open a jump ring and insert it through the loop of one of your wire wrapped crystal or pearl bead drops. Connect your bead drop and jump ring to a link in your cable chain and securely close the jump ring. Connect 3 bead drops to each link of the cable chain. 

Hang Your Pendant Drop Bead:  String 2 bead caps onto 2 headpins along with your large pendant drop beads to make two final beads for your bead clusters. Wire wrap the large drop beads in the same way as you wire wrapped the other beads. Hang these final beads on the bottom of your crystal or pearl bead clusters with a jump ring. Close your jump ring by twisting it closed with 2 pairs of chain nose pliers. 

Connect Your Bead Cluster Drops:  String your bead cluster drops onto your pierced or clip-on earrings findings. Check all of your jump rings to make sure they are securely closed and there are no rough edges. 

You can purchase all of your crystal or pearl beads, chain, wire, large pendant beads, earring findings, and even wire cutters and pliers at a good jewelry supplier in your location or online. Many jewelry components have different sizes and holes depending on their manufacturer and country of origin. It is a good idea to check with a sales representative at the jewelry supplier of your choice to make sure that your wire and jump rings will fit into your chain links and the holes in your crystals or pearls. Once you have made one pair of crystal or pearl bead cluster earrings, you will be tempted to make more as they are easy to make and can be made in many different colors. You can wear your earrings proudly knowing that you made them yourself.