Gold has always been a great investment throughout history. Not only does gold retain its value easily, but it is also an asset that is rather easy to liquefy. In 2016, there was a gain of 9.1% in the value of gold. If you're interested in investing in some gold in case of rainy days ahead, you'll find that there are plenty of companies that sell gold online. Before you place an order, look for the following 3 features.

Purchase Comes with Appraisal from Certified Jeweller or Appraiser

To ease your mind and to guarantee that you are receiving the quality and amount of gold that you ordered, most companies will provide a written appraisal from a certified jeweler or appraiser with your order. The appraisal will provide details as to the carat, weight, and current value of the gold purchased.

Tracking and Insurance Is Provided with the Shipping

Unfortunately, orders can and do go missing in the post. Protect your order and purchase by ensuring that your gold will be shipped with tracking and insurance. Real-time tracking reduces the likelihood of your parcel getting misplaced, and will also allow you to easily track the location of your order. Proper insurance will ensure that you'll receive the monetary value of your order should anything go wrong. Without tracking or insurance included in the shipping, you'll be in a much more vulnerable position.

Look for a Buy-Back Policy

Reputable companies usually offer a buy-back policy, which is a period of time when the company is willing to buy back the gold that was sold to you. This gives you time to hire a third party to inspect and examine the gold and some time to think over your purchase. Before placing an order, take a look at the terms and conditions involved with the buy-back policy. For example, consider the length of time when the company will buy back the gold at the same price that it was sold to you. Also, consider whether the company places any limitations on the amount of gold that they would be willing to buy back.


Gold is a great investment vehicle. Its value tend to rise steadily with inflation, and it's also an easy asset to liquefy whenever you need cash. There are many online companies that make buying gold easy, simple, and fast. You can get your order delivered to you within days.