Diamonds are a girls's best friend and diamonds are forever-or so the adages say. Diamonds are still the most popular choice of gemstone for engagement rings. But just like clothes, the trends for engagement ring styles, and also the type of diamonds that are set in the ring bands, change slightly each year. The key to picking out the perfect engagement ring is to select a style that looks fresh right now but is classic enough so that it will not look dated in 50 years. The following is a guide to the engagement ring trends from 2017 that will look just as lovely at each anniversary. 

A diamond by any other color

Colored diamonds are gaining in popularity for several reasons. They are as durable as a clear diamond but come in an array of beautiful colors such as pale blue, pale pink, lavender, light yellow, and a deep beautiful shade of brown with is often referred to as a chocolate diamond. Along with the increased spectrum of hues, larger colored diamonds are often more affordable than their clear counterparts. One of the fours C's of diamonds, clarity, is less of a concern than it is with a traditional diamond that lacks color. This can translate into more diamonds and bigger diamonds as well.

When selecting a colored diamond, choose a color that matches the majority of your wardrobe. Think about the dominant hues in your closet and also the colors that you are naturally drawn to. Select a colored diamond based on your wardrobe's color palate. Choose either a matching or a complimentary color for your diamond.

Cut to the chase

The cuts that are popular for diamonds range from princess, which is a timeless classic, to marquis, which is seeing a comeback right now. But the cut of the diamond will hold up over time, no matter what shape is chosen. Some cuts wane in popularity over a decade or two, but they always come back in style. The cut should just be a personal preference. 

Strike up the band

There are more choices for the ring bands than there have ever been before. There is still silver and gold, but there also choices such as platinum and rose gold. Some bands incorporate several precious metal colors. One of the trends for 2017 is to have smaller diamonds or other gems set all the way around the band. In this area, it may be wise to stick with more traditional metals so that your ring doesn't look dated in a few years.