When it comes to accent pieces, nothing makes a statement like the perfect necklace. The perfect statement necklace can set off your entire outfit. However, to get the most out of your statement necklace, you need to know when and how to wear it. If you've been afraid to try a statement necklace, don't be. Here are four simple tips that will help you choose the right time to make a statement.

Go from Boring to Bravo

There's nothing worse than a boring outfit. Unfortunately, sometimes there's just no way to dress up a so-so top. If you've got a top or dress that just screams "boring," it's time to add a statement necklace. The perfect bold necklace will take your outfit from boring to bravo. Not sure what type of necklace to choose? Go for one that adds large splashes of color, or a bold accent piece that incorporates different textures.

Accentuate the Neckline

If you're not wearing statement necklaces with your V-neck shirts, you should be. The right statement necklace will add depth to the otherwise empty space between your neck and V-neck top. The best way to accentuate a V-neckline is to choose a necklace that follows the line of your shirt. Choose one that's tiered, or in a reverse-pyramid pattern. This will create a symmetrical line that allows your body and your V-neck to flow seamlessly.

Switch Things Up

When it comes to statement necklaces, there aren't any hard-and-fast rules. In fact, you can let your creativity guide you to the perfect look. Go ahead and switch things up. If you can't decide between two different statement necklaces, wear them both. Plus, bold colored clothing will go great with a metallic blend necklace or one with large beads. When it comes to bold fashion choices, let your imagination go wild.

Know When to Say No

There's always a time to say no to the statement necklace. If your dress or top has an intricate design around the neckline, it's best to keep things simple. If that's the case, let your earrings make the statement for you. Moving your statement piece away from your neckline and up to your ears is the perfect way to make a statement while allowing the design of your clothing stand alone.

Good ahead and make a statement. If you're in the process of spicing up your wardrobe, add a few statement necklaces to your jewelry collection.