As a designer and creator of handmade jewelry, one of your goals may be to have your jewelry displayed and sold in a trendy and fashionable jewelry store. In order to do this, you will want to present your jewelry in the best way possible and show it to a jewelry store owner or buyer. Here are a few things to consider when you plan to present your handmade jewelry to a jewelry store: 

Make An Appointment:  Find a jewelry store that you like that carries handmade jewelry that is similar to the jewelry that you create and is within the same price range. Visit the store and look at how the jewelry is displayed and presented. If you think your handmade jewelry may fit in, ask to speak to the jewelry store owner or buyer and tell them briefly about your work. If they are amenable to looking at your jewelry, make an appointment to show them your creations. 

Show Your Jewelry Professionally:  Carry your jewelry creations in a professional jewelry case. These cases have slide-out trays and displays that can safely and securely hold your jewelry. A professional jewelry case allows you to organize and display your handmade jewelry by type and allows a jewelry owner or buyer to compare the different colors and options that you offer in each type. Necklaces can be displayed on flat trays, and bracelets can be displayed on round bracelet bars. Rings can be displayed on trays that hold each ring in a padded slot, and earrings can be shown pinned to separate compartments on trays. All of these trays and compartments are stackable and present your jewelry on a neutral background material. 

Leave A Wholesale Price List And Receipt:  Prepare a wholesale jewelry price list that includes all of the pieces that you are presenting to the jewelry store. Print each page of this list with your name, contact information, and logo. Group your price list by the different types of jewelry that you make, so that specific items are easy for the store owner or buyer to find. Bring a receipt book with you to your appointment and document each piece of jewelry that you leave with the jewelry store. Sign the receipt and list each of your jewelry pieces with a complete description and price. Ask the jewelry store owner or buyer to also sign the receipt for any items that you leave with them. 

Wear Your Jewelry:  When you show your jewelry creations to a jewelry store, wear one or more pieces of your handmade jewelry during your appointment. This will give the store owner or buyer an idea of how the jewelry that you make drapes and catches the light as it is being worn. 

Follow up your appointment with a jewelry store by sending a thank you note with any printed promotional materials that you may have. Contact the jewelry store again whenever you have created new jewelry. With good preparation, a plan, and an appointment, you may be able to have your jewelry creations displayed and sold in a great jewelry store.