Charm bracelets are one of the pieces of fine jewelry that you can change around easily. You will have a base bracelet, plus items that you can put on the bracelet for decoration. The best thing about a charm bracelet is being able to customize it for your loved one over the long run. After you purchase the base bracelet for your wife, you can get charms that mark special occasions as a gift. If you want to create a charm bracelet that will blow her away, here are some ways to create a customized charm bracelet for your wife. 

Create a slim, precious metal base

A slimmer base for a charm bracelet makes it easier to wear daily. Whether your wife wants to wear the charm to work, on black tie events, or while around the home, a slim base made of precious metal will go with all of these occasions. A gold or a sterling silver base that will not erode makes for a charm bracelet that can last throughout the years and stand up to being bumped around a little bit. Be sure that the hooks are just large enough to attach a lobster claw charm to the bracelet. 

Let the first charms describe her life

If you wish to create custom charms, you should start with charms that define the life of your first lady. Everyone has major life events that changed them or made their life what it is today. Design some charms and have them created by a fine jeweler to add to your wife's charm bracelet before you preset it to her. Some ideas for custom life charms are charms of her parent's names, a charm in the shape of the state that she grew up in, or a book charm with her favorite book quote inscribed. 

Choose a charm that encompasses your relationship

Whether it is a tree with some strong roots or a bed of roses, you will want to find a charm that symbolizes your relationship as one of the first charms. Your marriage was one of the biggest events in each of your life and combined your lives into one. Finding a good charm that describes your relationship is the perfect first charm. Have this charm custom designed and created in a metal to match the base of her charm bracelet. This gift presentation is perfect for an anniversary, birthday, or special life event.