Walking into a jewelry store to buy a diamond engagement ring is a nerve-wracking process, and this leaves you ripe for getting taken for a ride. You are already nervous as the purchase is a large and important one. Couple this with the fact that you are going to be confronted with a huge selection of different types of jewelry (different designs, styles, and price points) and you can understand how overwhelming the entire process is. Therefore, you want to make sure that you know something about engagement rings ahead of time and go in there with a plan.

Diamond or Non-Diamond?

The first thing you need to think about is if you want to get a diamond stone for the engagement ring or if you want another semi-precious stone. The jewelry store will not just have diamonds, but most stores are going to focus on diamonds, so that's what you will likely be shown unless you specifically ask otherwise. So, consider other precious stones such as emeralds, sapphire, rubies, or even less expensive stones such as garnets or turquoise. These can be great alternatives to people who are either on a budget or are even concerned about ethical issues surrounding the diamond industry.

Setting And Stone or All-In-One?

The next big issue you will want to think about is if you want to get the stone and setting separately, or if you want to get a ready-made ring. If you are very particular about the stone (such as picking out a diamond with a very particular cut and clarity), then you will likely want to choose to get the stone separate from the setting. In this situation, you will work with the jeweler to pick out a stone and then choose the perfect setting. If, on the other hand, you are not interested in learning all about the 4 C's of diamonds and the various different setting styles and matching them up with your chosen stone to see which you like best, then go the all-in-one route, as it's much faster. You can walk into the jewelry store and walk out with a diamond ring. If you chose to go stone and setting separately, you will have to wait as it most likely won't be assembled that day in the store.


Have a set budget in mind when you walk into the jewelry store. There is a wide variance when it comes to engagement ring prices, so be aware of what you can spend. Luckily there are many jewelry stores that offer payment options that can help you spread out the cost of the diamond ring over many months.