If you're trying to figure out your next piece of jewelry, a necklace is always a good bet. In this regard, nothing says cool like a bullet pendant. This is a great piece to express yourself, and can also serve a number of purposes. Gun enthusiasts might want to frame the casing from hitting the bullseye or having an impressive hunting outing. It could also be used as a charm that members of the military can wear. 

Another great idea is to purchase a bullet necklace so you can store ashes from a funeral. If this is viable option for remembering your loved ones, consider the points of information below. 

Find the perfect bullet or shell casing to wear around your neck

If you're planning to make a statement by wearing a bullet around your neck, it is important to first and foremost understand why. If you are commemorating the life of a loved one, this gives you a lot to consider when deciding what type of bullet you would like to wear. 

For one, think about whether you want to engrave a message or not. If you do, you will need to choose a larger bullet for the message to be legible. This also informs your thinking when figuring out how much of your loved one's ashes you want to include. Consider whether you want to purchase a necklace where the bullet is just decoration, or if you have a bullet or shell casing you would like to use. You can also spruce the bullet up with gold and rose gold plating for a beautiful effect, in addition to other decorative features. 

This can be an excellent way to help you grieve and feel as though you are walking around every day with the power of your loved one empowering you and giving you comfort.

Be very careful when filling the bullet with ashes, and take care care of the necklace

You will want to be incredibly careful when pouring your loved one's ashes into the bullet. There are companies that sell these necklaces that can also assist you with this matter. Once the ashes are poured into the bullet and the necklace is complete, be sure that it is solidly put together so that it doesn't spill later. Take great care of both the necklace and the bullet so that it looks great and lasts a long time. 

Use these tips to buy the bullet necklace for ashes that you need.