You are in the process of planning an estate sale, and you have a ton of vintage jewelry items to go in the sale. The only problem is, some of the pieces have some damages and many of the pieces really need to be cleaned. Before you set these items out on the auction block for sale, it is best to seek out an estate jewelry repair service for help. These professionals can help you with all aspects of preparing the pieces you have before the sale. Take a look at a few good reasons to have your estate jewelry repaired and cleaned before an auction. 

Buyers Will Pay More For Pieces That Seem To Be Complete And In Good Shape.

If you place a broken piece of estate jewelry up for auction, it is likely to turn bidders off. Something as simple as a broken clasp or missing rhinestone can really compromise the perceived value of the piece. Estate jewelry repair professionals work hard to maintain the vintage integrity of the piece by utilizing replacement and repair pieces with harvested similar pieces from similar time periods. Therefore, repairs can be a lot like complete restorations instead of overhauls utilizing modern materials. 

Buyers Will Be Looking For Identifying Marks On The Pieces Before Placing Bids.

If the estate jewelry you have in the sale does have the identifying marks to show things like brand name or metal type, these are things that buyers will be looking to find when they examine items before the auction. If the pieces are too soiled to see these markings, it can mean you will get far fewer and far lower bids during the auction because buyers will not know precisely what the pieces are. Have the jewelry cleaned professionally by an estate jewelry repair service and all markings will be as visible as possible. 

Buyers Will Want To Be Able To Handle The Jewelry.

Having the opportunity to handle the estate jewelry pieces, try them on, and such is just typically something buyers want to do at an estate sale. If a piece is broken, they will be apprehensive about handling it for fear they will cause further damage to the piece. When a piece is repaired and fully functional, buyers can handle the items before the auction without concern that they will cause any further problems, which means the piece will be more likely to sell.