If you're looking for one statement jewelry piece that will give any outfit an elegant touch, consider treating yourself to a diamond watch. You can find timepieces in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold that feature diamonds on the band, on the face, or in both locations, depending on your personal preference. 

In addition to the diamonds, the watches may feature a myriad of other precious gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, and all of these need to be properly taken care of to ensure their beauty and durability. Each watch comes with its own protective case to keep it safe between wearings. 

These gemstone-encrusted watches make ideal gifts for a special loved one and can be passed down to future generations as well. You can give the timepiece a personalized touch by having the back of the face engraved with a thoughtful message, such as "I love you," a name or monogram, or a specific date, such as a wedding or birthday. Ask the jeweler for care instructions, which you can give to the gift recipient. 

Following are tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your diamond watch:

1. Remove the Watch During Certain Activities 

To protect the diamond watch from harmful natural elements, always remove it during certain activities, such as housework or strenuous exercise. For instance, take the timepiece off and place it in a safe place while washing dishes, taking a shower, giving your pet or child a bath, or cooking. 

Also, remove the watch during any sweat-inducing exercise or while swimming in the ocean, as salt can damage the metal, gemstones, and inner workings. Put the watch on last, after getting dressed for the day, so that the diamonds don't get snagged on anything.

2. Cleaning the Watch 

On a regular basis, clean the timepiece to remove any lotion or soap residue and to keep the gold and gemstones sparkling. Soak the watch in a jewelry-cleaning solution, which you can purchase from your jeweler. Pat the watch completely dry with a soft, clean lint-free cloth. You can also use a polishing cloth to restore the stones' brilliant shine in between cleanings. 

At least two times a year, take the watch to a jeweler to have it deep-cleaned and inspected for any loose gemstones. The jeweler can repair the stone's setting to prevent it from falling out. When you're not wearing the watch, store it in a soft pouch to avoid scratching and tarnishing from other jewelry pieces. 

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