Are you ready to propose to the girl of your dreams? If so, maybe you've checked out the display counter at your favorite jewelry store. Did it seem a tad daunting? With so many choices, it can be challenging to know where to start. What is your girl's style? Does she like to dress up, or is she a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl? Here, we break down some engagement rings and styles to make the decision process a little less complicated. 


If your soon-to-be-fiancée loves to be in her favorite comfy sweater and yoga pants on Saturday morning, chances are that she is all about less stress. If she is casual and laid back, she may be interested in a simpler style of ring. A side stone setting marks a beautiful center diamond with smaller diamonds on the sides to give the ring a beautiful sparkle. Depending on size and budget, ask your favorite custom engagement rings shop if you can customize it to match her personality and style. Not over done, just simple. Exactly how she likes it. 

A True Jewelry Connoisseur 

Is your future fiancée already well-versed in diamonds and ring styles? Maybe she adores her pear-shaped diamond earrings or micro-pave design that she bought for herself. If so, her expertise can be to your advantage. She already knows what diamonds cost, and she visualizes exactly what she wants. Take her suggestions seriously, but also make it come from the heart. She may love a large, halo-style cut diamond with eye-popping side stone trim to really make her ring stand out. 

Vintage Princess   

Does she adore all things vintage? Maybe she dreams of wearing a vintage dress that her own mom and grandmother once wore down the aisle. Her dream wedding will be complete with old-fashioned white and pink roses adorning the altar. If so, check out an "heirloom inspired" vintage cut. These rings often include a lot of intricate detail work, so they can be custom made to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

All About the Bling

Does your lady love to show off her bling? Make sure to impress her with a stunning engagement ring she will love. Designer engagement rings like a single solitaire can really stand out and make a statement on its own. A solitaire setting encased in either gold or platinum can provide a ton of pop while the diamond takes center stage on her hand. 

While each person is different, knowing what style type your soon-to-be fiancée has can help narrow down the choice. There are other things to consider, including budget, size, and the overall wishes of the future bride-to-be. Whether you pick it out on your own or you go together, having an idea of what to choose before going into an engagement rings shop can save time and money.