As you plan your wedding jewelry look, how can you find the right pieces? One of the most important ways is to focus on how to complement your wedding gown in the best way. Here are the three major elements of the dress that your jewelry should work with.

1. The Neckline and Sleeves

The silhouette of bridal gowns varies significantly, but the most important parts for the sake of jewelry are the neckline and sleeves. Most women's jewelry will be placed around the neck, on the ears, and on the wrist. Other jewelry choices — like a tiara or hairpiece — are impacted less by the silhouette. 

So start by looking at how different jewelry styles will fit with the shape of your neck and sleeve. If you have a long, lacy sleeve, for instance, a diamond bracelet will likely be lost. Shorter sleeves, though, call out for a statement bracelet. 

2. The Color

Bridal gowns come in a variety of colors — both different shades of white and cream as well as more modern color pops. These shades often work well with certain jewelry tones better than others. Bright white gowns, for instance, often clash with gold metal jewelry. Ivory, though, usually pairs well with this harsher color. You can further target your metal selection by considering whether the ivory has more yellow or pink undertones. 

3. The Tone

Finally, there is the tone or personality of the dress. Is your dress complex or detailed? Or does it favor simplicity? Lots of detailing might overshadow many statement pieces of jewelry, so your best choice might be to use simpler jewelry and let the dress speak loudest. On the other hand, a simple gown often works well with a statement or flashy item of jewelry. 

Along with the complexity, consider what you want the dress to say about you and your big day. Do you want a formal look? A casual one? Do you have a whimsical style? Retro fashion? The right jewelry items can reinforce this personality and highlight it. A bride in a casual spring wedding might choose soft, floral colors of jewelry or designs that reflect the outdoors. A 50s dress often benefits from stunning diamonds. 

If you focus in on these three key elements of any dress, the right jewelry styles and colors will present themselves. You will be able to narrow down your choices and find the right answer faster and more easily. Want more ideas for your particular gown? Start by consulting with an experienced jeweler in your area.