An engagement ring is more than just a symbol of the promise to marry someone. It's also a symbol of your love and unique relationship. When this relationship comes in the form of a second marriage, things can be a bit trickier for both parties. After all, you both may be in a very different place in your life than when you first tied the knot. So, how can your engagement ring reflect this? Here are five key ways. 

1. Budget. People starting a second marriage are often on a different budget than they were for their first. Your finances may be healthier later in life, allowing you to choose a larger diamond or a more customized design. On the other hand, if you have more financial responsibilities now, don't feel obligated to go all out on an expensive ring you can't afford. 

2. Children. Many people in your circumstances are not only marrying someone new but also getting a whole family as well. These could be children from prior marriages or even children from your own relationship. Include your entire family in this new engagement ring design. You might incorporate the children's birthstones or design a special element in the ring that symbolizes the family. 

3. Design. With their second wedding, most couples carefully avoid doing things like they did the first time. Your ring should likely be the same. Look for different design choices to prevent comparisons or unwanted memories being drawn up. Examples of design elements to watch out for are gem cuts, settings, colors, and motifs. 

4. Age. You're more mature and experienced individuals than you were the first time you married. Use your life experience to make smart choices. If you work a rough job with your hands, consider alternative ring materials like silicone or wood. If you know you really won't wear a ring on a regular basis, consider other, more appealing jewelry choices. And if you regretted a small ring the first time, splurge where it's important to you.  

5. Trends. Second-time brides and grooms know that there's more to life than following the trends set by others. Consider the traditions and trends of today's weddings, but don't feel obligated to go along with them. You know — perhaps from experience in your first wedding — that trends don't always stay trendy, but timeless classics remain. 

When you embrace the person (and couple) you are now, your second wedding will be something you treasure forever. If you want to design your own engagement rings, start making that lasting memory by meeting with an engagement ring designer to discuss how your rings can reflect your love and your life forever.