San Diego County and other mining areas in Southern California have been known for decades to be the center of mining for gems and minerals. Gems and minerals are found in Pegmatite rocks that lie deep below ground in molten rock, which is located in planet earth's crust. Tourmaline gemstone is derived from these rocks, which are capable of producing very large crystals too. Mining for tourmaline gemstone in Southern California becomes a thrilling mining adventure.

Tourmaline Gemstone Mining In Southern California

Tourmaline mining for gem and minerals is alive and doing well in southern California mines. If you are interested in mining for gems in southern California, you will be fortunate enough to unearth beautiful pink, green, and black Tourmaline gems in Santa Ysabel mines. You may even find large crystal quartz gems there, too.

Leave Your Mining Tools At Home

What makes a mining trip to Santa Ysabel so special? Your day of mining means that you don't have to bring along tools for mining with you that day. You pay a small fee at the mine you have chosen, and that fee covers charges for tools. The tools include shovels and buckets and mesh sifters. The mesh sifters make a quick job of getting rid of the dirt that leaves you with a full display of splendid and precious gems in your buckets.

How Should You Dress On Your Mining Day?

Remember to dress appropriately for your big Tourmaline mining day. Mining involves a lot of dirt. So wear comfortable shoes. Perhaps a good and solid pair of sneakers or hunting shoes designed for a mining search will fit the bill. You should wear long gloves to protect your skin while also protecting your nails from chipping.

You should also consider wearing slim blue jeans and a long-sleeved cotton shirt. Conversely, it might be best not to wear a long, flowing skirt. Wearing jeans and a shirt prevents dirt from settling on the skin.

Some people bring along a toothbrush to brush off the dirt from their clothing instead of using their fingers. That prevents damage to fingernails.

Wear A Protective Hat

Don't forget to wear a hat that has a ribbon attached to the hat, which you can tie into a bow under your chin. The ribbon bow ensures that the hat will stay in place on your head. If you wear a floppy-rimmed type of straw hat, that will prevent dirt from getting into your eyes or ears.

Bring Along Your Special Gem Container

Some people are so thrilled by their mining gem catch that they take along a special container to bring their gems home. Many of them choose to transfer their mined gems from the work buckets to their gem container right after their mining adventure has ended.

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