Shopping for an engagement ring is both thrilling and daunting. Not only will this ring be a token of your undying devotion to your partner, but it will also be the highlight of your proposal. Therefore, you can expect it to remain emblazoned in the minds of everyone present for the foreseeable future. Thus, a lot of thought and consideration needs to go into selecting the best piece of jewelry to suit your loved one. Brilliant diamond cuts have, undoubtedly, been the standard for decades on end, but this does not mean you should limit your search for the perfect engagement ring to a round diamond.

If your partner's taste is less trendy and more exclusive, you may want to consider a 7-carat Asscher cut engagement ring to match their unique taste. Characterized by their elevated crowns, exaggerated pavilions, and a multitude of step-cut, X-shaped facets, the brilliance of Asscher cut diamond rings give their round diamond ring counterparts a run for their money. Keep reading to discover a few of the qualities of a 7-carat Asscher cut diamond engagement ring that would make it a unique choice for your partner.

An updated vintage aesthetic

When some people think of vintage jewelry, they automatically think of gaudy pieces that look like costume jewelry, but this is not the case. Depending on the period that the piece of jewelry was inspired from, vintage diamond engagement rings can have a stunning yet one-of-a-kind appearance that guarantees your partner will not run into someone else wearing a similar ring. If this sounds appealing, an Asscher cut ring could prove to be the best token to show your unceasing love for your future spouse.

Modern Asscher cut diamonds have a modernized art-deco design that complements any style, whether your loved one prefers a minimalist appearance or a glamourous one. The intricately detailed facets pair well with thin, simple bands or bejeweled ones, depending on how conspicuous you want the engagement ring to be.

A decreased risk of cosmetic flaws

Although large, angular diamonds tend to easily catch the light, making them appear more brilliant than they are, the main drawback they pose is being vulnerable to damage. The sharp corners of these diamonds can acquire scratches and chips when exposed to impact, abrasive materials, and so on. However, this is not a concern you should be worried about when you invest in an Asscher cut ring.

Although these diamonds do look slightly similar to emerald cut by having corners, what sets them apart is that these corners are beveled rather than angular. Furthermore, opting for a bezel setting instead of a prong setting will ensure that a precious metal encompasses the entirety of the beveled edges and will provide the diamond with additional protection, mitigating the risk of damage.