If you have never gotten any type of jewelry before, let alone something as important or serious as engagement rings, then looking at any engagement ring can be daunting. Here are some tips for the first-time ring buyer so you get a great engagement ring that your soon-to-be betrothed will love.

Ring size

Rings come in several sizes, even half or quarter sizes, for custom diamond engagement rings and other styles of engagement rings. Both men's and women's engagement rings come in a standard size, so if you need a ring sized you have to know your loved one's actual ring size and have time to get a ring sized before the proposal.

Take in any ring your loved one wears to the jeweler when picking out engagement rings so the size of the ring can be used as a guide. Your presented engagement ring may not be exact since every finger can have its own ring size, but can be relatively close and then resized later.

Ring style

There's the center stone in an engagement ring to consider when it comes to ring style, and there's the material that makes up the ring in the first place as well. Pay attention to the type of jewelry your loved one commonly wears to get an idea of whether they would prefer yellow, white, or rose gold, or if sterling silver or another material for a ring would be more ideal for their needs. You can buy a ring with a single center stone or one with several stones depending on personal style as well.

Custom diamond engagement rings can come in a variety of colors and styles. While traditional diamonds are clear in color and design, more modern styles of diamonds include brown, yellow, and other colors.

Ring price

There is no set guideline for how much engagement rings should cost. A rule of thumb to follow is this: any ring you choose should be within your budget, and there are several ways you can meet this need. Choose a different center stone rather than a diamond or choose a smaller diamond; several custom diamond engagement rings feature a cluster of stones rather than just one large main stone.

You can create custom engagement rings online or in person at your local jewelry store. Make a list of things you want in an engagement ring then visit your local jewelry specialist to help you pick the best one for someone you love.

For more information on engagement rings, contact a professional near you.